The Dingilizke project aims to make vertical dance a known discipline and to offer people the opportunity to learn it based on Euskera (the Basque language) and on Basque culture.

The Dingilizke project is based on 4 fundamental pillars, 4 main strings:

1. Educational project in schools

This is focused on secondary school students. The students will have the opportunity to get to know vertical dance firsthand in a real situation, while they have a significant learning experience in regards to basic competencies.

2. Intensive courses

Through these courses we offer the possibility to learn the techniques of vertical dance alongside the dancers of the company “Harrobi Dantza Bertikala”, Dimegaz and choreographers from other companies. These courses will be held in the circus school Txitatoki, with locations in Urdaibai, Bilbao and Llodio.

3. Danced talks and screenings

In these talks, the audience will be able to watch live screenings of the different films from Dimegaz, see a small live show performed by Harrobi Dantza Bertikala, and meet and talk to the dancers of the company.

4. Courses in the mountain

We offer intensive courses in the mountain where we share different spaces of choreographic creation. We carry out these activities in mountains that are emblematic of the Basque country and its culture.

A wide range of possibilities for those who wish to get to know or learn vertical dance.

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