Fusion of vertical dance and contemporary creation with Basque culture and identity, using nature as the support for movement.

With the intention of globally sharing the artistic interventions she performs in nature, in 2020 Janire Etxabe creates the Harrobi Dantza Bertikala company in Dima.

Besides the artistic activity and with the aim of reaching different audiences and raising awareness about our culture through vertical dance, the company carries out the Dingilizke initiative that consists of 4 main goals: ongoing training courses with the company’s dancers and intensive training courses with guest choreographers; danced talks; projections; and outings to the mountains to share choreographic creation spaces through intensive courses.

Currently, the company works on the shows “HARRIA HERRIA” and on “DENDU” with Oreka TX. “Harria Herria” is in the catalogue of works recommended by the Basque theater network SAREA and ADDE.

Parallelly, the company continues to carry out and document various interventions in nature and urban spaces in the Basque Country.